We don’t just build a website.

We build your profits.

We learn about your business and the market before formulating a digital marketing strategy designed to get the most out of your presence on the web.

Our process – The User FOCUSED Approach

Our 6 step process is the fast track to delighting your current and potential customers online.

We look at all the digital touchpoints your business has, and how we can enhance those interactions and attract new customers and clients. But to do this we need to get a little closer to our clients.

The Audit

The Freedom Web Process begins with an Audit of your businesses current presence, and how it stacks up to your competitors.

We look at a large range of factors from SEO performance, online advertising, social, directory listings and more to get a clear picture of where you are currently at, and how you stack up to your competitors.

User Research

Then we use the data from the audit, as well as additional sources such as:

  • Staff interviews and workshops
  • Existing free, purchased or internal industry research
  • User interviews and surveys

To build a picture of the different kinds of people that will use your product or service.

Persona Creation

We take this research and create a number of personas which represent each of our key stakeholder types for each brand.

A persona is a hypothetical person made up from our research which gives us an insight into the challenges, limitations and personalities so we can create a better experience for your customers and clients.

Strategy Documentation

Once we have our personas we can combine what we know about our target stakeholders and overall business objectives to create a digital marketing strategy plan.

At the heart of the digital marketing, strategy plan is the Success Matrix, a set of measurable business outcomes we can use as a yardstick of success.


With a well-defined strategy, its as simple as following the steps and measuring outcomes.

From a new website, a different way to interact or content series, we can execute the strategy and kickstart our results.

We work with you to ensure we creaete high quality IP assets that continue to work towards your business goals, even when you sleep.

Monitor and Adjust

With the fast-paced change of digital marketing, it’s never ok to “set and forget”.

With Freedom Web, we strongly believe in monthly reviews against a success matrix to keep track of progress and to evolve based on the data we collect from our previous work.