IS YOUR WEBSITE hiding from Google? 

Find out NOW with a comprehensive competitive SEO audit and health check


Find out NOW with a competitive SEO audit and health check

We clear the fog of confusion surrounding SEO by looking at FOUR KEY AREAS of your digital presence:

Technical Audit - Your SEO HYGIENE process

We call this SEO Hygiene and includes everything thats easy keeps your website healthy. Including:


  • Site speed and responsiiveness
  • Mobile friendliness and user experience
  • Linking (internal and backlinks)
  • Navigation and website architecture
  • Browser caching and compression


Using our industry leading SEO tools at our disposal, we gather data on your business and its top competitors. Showing:


  • Who is competing for keywords that will make you money
  • How hard that competition is for your target keywords
  • What strategy and tactics your competitors are already using
  • How hard it will be to beat them to the top spot


Knowing what people are searching for is almost as important as knowing what you are selling. They right set of keywords can make doors open, but the wrong ones will see you banging your head against a wall instead.

We use our tools and experience to discover:


  • The top 20 keywords for your business to focus on
  • An idea of the difficulty to rank for each keyword
  • Which competitors are winning each keyword or search intent.


Once we have collected all this data we give you a clear roadmap for success including recommended:


  • Technical fixes to your website to increase speed and comply with SEO Hygiene best practices.
  • Ways to improve conversions through an exceptional user experience.
  • The best content strategies to implement to win your $$$ Keywords
  • The best ways to measure success against your business goals.

Some things we have found in our previous audits include:

A slow website keeping travel agent grounded

A recent client in the Travel industry had a whopping 17 second load time on their homepage. Our fast mirroring technology allowed us to see within seconds  that the culprit here was overloaded and improperly optimised hosting. 

Speed is an ever-increasing ranking factor and all too often cheap hosting can really cost you.

Moving to an optimised host with local Sydney servers, we are able to reduce the load time to around 2 seconds and laid the foundation for huge growth in SEO visibility .


2 vs 17 seconds

feels like to a user

New Hosting
Old Hosting

Our travel agent client recovered strongly after implementing new hosting was implemented in early February

A simple setting blocking this aboriginal art gallery from the world

A recent Art Gallery client couldn’t work out why they weren’t getting any Google traffic. The site was recently finished by another developer but as yet it wasn’t really appearing in search results. This was worse than their old site.

Unfortunately for them, the developer had set the website to hide itself from search engines!

Whilst this is common during development a simple WordPress switch had their business well on the way to SEO recovery

Our aboriginal art gallery client  saw an increase in visibility in only a few days

Find your competitive advantage

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